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Explore Cruelty-Free Alternatives For All Your Make-Up Products!

Did you know? Every year, over 100 million animals are poisoned, burned, maimed or abused in different ways in skincare and beauty labs worldwide. India, Europe and Israel have already banned animal testing for cosmetics but the rest of the world still has a long way to go! 

As customers, the power to change the world is partially in our hands. Fortunately, our buying habits can reverse any cruel trend for good. If you're a make-up lover, then let’s explore what you can do for your skin and the animals! Read on to find out how buying ‘cruelty-free’ makeup products can change the lives of many helpless animals.

What does ‘Cruelty-free’ mean? 

The harsh truth of many industries is that animals are tortured during the testing process to identify what works and what does not. For example, the makeup industry tests and tries new formulations or ingredients on animals first to test for reactions or efficacy and then puts them out on the market.  However, some things have changed. With the increased attention towards this barbaric practice, consumers’ and brands' efforts to develop viable alternatives, a new tone for what safe beauty truly means has been set.

The good news is that many companies are choosing to go cruelty-free in their production processes. It is not only a thoughtful initiative for the animals but is also an excellent step for your skin’s health. Although India was the first country in Asia to prohibit testing cosmetics on animals, this does not mean that non cruelty free products do not exist or cannot find their way into your vanity.


3 Undeniable Reasons To Choose Cruelty-free Products:

If you ever get a chance, we suggest spending some time researching how effective natural products are on your skin and hair. Of course, our grandmothers know how heavenly it is for the body, but today even big skincare brands have tried shifting to cruelty-free, natural products in the recent years. This way, they promote the prosperity of all species and encourage harmless choices on a regular basis. 

Here are three reasons why cruelty-free products can change the game:

Mindful Beauty Practices!

Overloaded make-up drawers are a thing of the past! Today mindfulness is a practice that everyone wants to follow for a more peaceful living. Cruelty-free make-up means lesser but better choices. 

It’s You Who Can Change The World! 

Choosing cruelty-free makeup is a way to maintain the much-needed balance in our environment. Your act of you buying (or not buying) can destroy (or save) animals and make you a part of the more significant cause of maintaining nature’s ecology. You also put out a strong message to the people around you that torturing or killing animals is just WRONG and a THREAT to our own existence! 

Clear message to the industry that animal testing is just NOT needed! 

There are over 7000 ingredients available that have been marked safe for skin-related products. Sticking to cruelty-free and safe ingredients is much easier now because the wonders of technology have no end. Through technology, many new components are being invented on a daily basis, almost to replace our previously selfish choices! 

Today, some of the biggest brands of cosmetics have chosen cruelty-free ways to make their formulations. As a result, every skin type is catered to, and every conventional make-up product can be replaced using them. 


Know Ilana - Beauty In Its Kindest Form! 

Brands like ours and our contemporaries have brought in a wave of change! We are all in constant effort to make the world a better place with our intentions in the right place. As a brand, we promote kindness with natural and thoughtful ways to develop cruelty-free beauty products and spread our love to all kinds!

Our promise is beauty in its purest form and we will always be advocates in cruelty-free ways of making them. Each formulation is carefully curated with utmost care to make your skin glow the right way. From face serums to lip tint to moisturisers, every product is an amalgamation of traditional and modern beauty secrets. Our range of superfoods for skin instantly enhance your skin’s health and beauty. Every formulation is thoughtfully made to cater to all types of skin. 

Our all time favourites are the Ilana Brightening Skin Serum and the Ilana Beet Tint. The serum keeps your skin soft and glowing, while the tint adds that perfect colour to your skin. So if you are looking for safe and cruelty-free alternatives for your makeup drawers, then these products are your answer! 

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