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Stay Safe. Stay Grounded.

When you’re stuck at home and you're trying to work and it's surreal because your old college mate in Nairobi and the cousin in New York are both homes, self-isolating, as are you, and you’ve never attended a pandemic before, it's tough to think straight.

There’s enough fear and uncertainty going around that adding to it can’t possibly help.

But it is a good time to take care of yourself. We so seldom give our mental and physical well being the attention it deserves. Self-care can take many forms, and if you’re home with others, this could help them too. 



I know, I know, you do already! But paying attention to breathing has been known to calm anxiety and help people feel grounded

If you’ve never done it before, there are some great sites that offer guided meditations. This one put together by McGill University’s Student Services has some great options for apps, podcasts, and audios. but feel free to explore others as well. Spend ten minutes in the morning grounding yourself. 

Pamper your skin

Not being able to leave the house has some advantages. You can ditch the makeup and let your skin take a much-needed breather too. Put your regular products aside and dive into your kitchen for some cool DIY scrubs and masks. 


Coffee and oil bath scrub

Don’t throw away your coffee grounds from your morning coffee. Instead, mix in some coconut or sesame oil and some fine sugar to make an instant bath scrub. Scrub elbows and heels but be gentle on delicate skin. The finer the grind the softer it'll be. Rinse it off thoroughly and if you have dry skin don’t wash the oil off with soap. Also, don’t forget to wash down the bathroom after!

Rejuvenating Face masks 

Honey, oatmeal, and milk work great for dry skin. Heating the oatmeal with a little milk softens it up. When it's cool enough to use add the honey and a couple of drops of almond oil. Ghee works wonders too.  

This recipe is enough for one person. Chances are everyone at home will want in so plan accordingly. 

1 Tablespoon Rolled/ quick oats
1 teaspoon honey
5-6 drops almond oil/ghee/coconut oil/sesame oil
For those who have oiler skin replace the milk with the juice of a lemon or tomato.
Leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes, (perhaps while you're practicing mindfulness) and then wash off with warm water. 

Boost your immunity

All of us are talking about eating foods that boost immunity. There are a million sites to visit online. And eat all the fresh leafy greens, citrus fruit, and nuts you can get your hands on. As important, get some sunlight if you can without violating your isolation, whether its a terrace or sitting at your window. Vitamin D makes a big difference in boosting immunity and it just plain improves your mood. Of course, if it's really hot where you are, maybe don't burn. More isn't better.

Stay safe, stay grounded. Be well. 

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