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Here Are The 8 Biggest Makeup & Skincare Trends For 2023

We’re all at the pointy end of 2022, and you may want to spruce up your makeup and skincare routine with the most significant trends that are emerging for 2023. There is something for everyone when gazing into the crystal ball since the new year marks loads of opportunities to try out and experiment with new looks to try out. Thinking of going platinum blonde? Read on to know if our experts predict it as an emerging trend for the new year!

1. Blush Draping 

Experimenting with blushes has been the norm for a while and isn’t likely to fade away anytime soon. Although blush has been an irreplaceable part of our beauty routine, playing around with its placement can help you highlight your best features. The year ahead is poised to present the resurgence of an all time classic - the 70s trend. Blush draping refers to using bright, peachy-toned shades in a C-shape, from your temples to the apples of your cheeks to give you a lifted, fuller, almost editorial look. 

Try this look with Ilana Dream Blush - Cheek & Lip Tint

Blush Draping
2. Siren Eyes

This year is the year of the siren eye, with a cool-toned, smokey-eye touch. Every eye shape receives an instant flattering lift from siren eyes without looking too much or too fake. A perfect siren eyes look features a winged liner with an extended inner corner and half lashes. For the ultimate glam look, pair with fake freckles and glossy lips. 

3. Frosted, Glossy Lips 

After much experimentation with icy blue frosted eyes, it is suspected that the trend will be all about the lips in 2023. The frosted glossy lip and iconic brown liner will give you an enviable comfortable, lived-in feel. Besides nourishing balms and high-shine glosses, plumping lip oils are the latest must haves to seal in heavy-duty moisturisation while teasing your pout with the sheerest of tints. 

Try this hack: Use our Lip Snooze as a lip topper for hydration + gloss!

4. Bare It All

Let your skin take a deep breath. Gone are the days of coverage, coverage, coverage. The ethos this coming year is that faces are meant to be seen. Keeping this in mind, expect base makeup formulas to take a step away from heavy textures. Fresh faced makeup - tinted serums, tinted moisturizers, and tinted SPFs will be all the rage. Skin-like foundations that sink into the skin with minimal blending, and luminosity that lasts all day are the trend of 2023. You heard it here first!

Our favourite: Soft Blur concealer + foundation with SPF50 & PA++++! What more could you need?

5. Hyper Glow 

So iridescent it’s downright angelic. This is the glow we are expecting from 2023 - skin that looks almost mirror-like with the right highlighter and strategic placement. Think no-makeup makeup, but with an extra touch of glow. Going beyond makeup, skin-care infused products, lightweight textures, and ethereal finishes are here to make you shine brighter than ever. 

Have you tried the Ilana Golden Hour Strobe Creams? Check them out to see which one suits your skin tone best.

6. Brace Yourself For A Witch Hazel Resurgence

Witch hazel has been a skincare staple since Queen Victoria’s reign. Skin-care devotees young and old have been using the botanical ingredient to control excessive oil production and prevent acne. While they earned a bad rep because of its irritating effects, today’s formulations combine it with soothing and hydrating ingredients to maximize benefits. Be mindful when you pick a formulation to ensure it doesn’t cause redness and irritation.

7. Skinimalism Rises Once Again

In 2023, maximalist skin-care will make way for more targeted, effective, and highly curated arsenals. We are re-entering the era of skinimalism: quicker, more efficient, and potentially lighter on your pocket routines. The desire to let our real, healthy skin shine through our makeup means less products, but more sunscreen layering to make sure you are completely protected.

We'd recommend checking out the Ilana Niacinamide & Charcoal Face Mask and the Ilana Niacinamide, Cica & Green Tea Face Gel for acne prone oily skin. They tackle acne while reducing oiliness, redness and acne scars!

Acne Free Routone 

  • 8. Helping Your Skin Maintain Firmer Boundaries 
  • This trend, which is fast becoming a dermatologist-approved approach to skin-care that will be par for the course for years to come - yes we mean skin, cycling. The term refers to balancing exfoliation and recovery to help the skin maintain a healthy skin barrier. It’s a four night cycling schedule: exfoliation, retinoid night, recovery night, recovery night, repeat. This is a sure shot way of getting the most out of the active ingredients in your skin-care products.

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