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Are your skincare products telling the truth?

You obviously know how important it is to read food labels, but have you ever given the labels on your face care and cosmetic items more than a cursory glance? Some brands avoid disclosing their ingredients list, and that’s where you should stop! Deciphering the genuine meaning of what's on these labels can be difficult, especially with the wordy components and half-written "guarantees"—but the information is crucial.

Many beauty bloggers have promoted the step of checking the ingredients of your skincare products. This step helps you understand what you are actually putting on your delicate skin. The more you know the details, the more you will be aware. 


Why Reading the Ingredients List Is Downright Essential?

A transparent brand about what its products are made of is the one you should trust. A label can tell you everything about a product, from what it's supposed to accomplish and who it's supposed to help to what ingredients it contains and how to use it most efficiently. 

It can tell you whether a product will assist you or hurt you if you know what to look for in the right way. For example, if you learn how to read a skincare label, it will arm you with the information. You get the information you need to make educated decisions about what you put in and on your body's largest organ.

For example, fragrance-free can suggest that any fragrant ingredients present are primarily for functions other than making the product smell good. At the same time, "unscented" products often contain fragrance chemicals whose aromas are just concealed by more vital chemicals. This might be unpleasant to learn, but learning to read the ingredients list will help you determine which of these claims are true and how well the product will work for your skin.

The unavoidably important thing to remember about the ingredients list is that it is always printed in order of concentration, with the exception of substances that make up less than 1% of the formula, that are included at the end in whichever order the manufacturer decides. However, because many chemicals are strong in even minor concentrations, substances listed near the end can still play some of the most active functions.


3 things to look for in your winter essentials!

 Now that we learnt how to read the ingredient list let us know what is best for our winter skincare routine. Winter isn't only about sipping hot cocoa and curling up in your favourite sweatshirt; it's also about taking extra care of your skin. After all, you want to avoid bouts of skin deterioration caused by increasing dryness and cold. Even if you follow your skincare routine religiously, you may have dry, flaky, and itchy skin as a result of the rapid temperature change. Just like it is important to know what you can’t put on your skin, like bar soap, astringent and others, it’s important to know what you can. The easiest method to avoid the weather affecting your skin's health is to incorporate a few winter-appropriate components into your routine.  

Ilana’s moisturiser is one of the best winter skincare products for all types of skin. It is a hydrating moisturiser for oily skin as well. It has its entire ingredients list mentioned and is quite popular along with their Beet Tint. 

Explore their collection at their website:



The Magic Of Five! 

Three ingredients your winter skincare or makeup products must have are:

Green Tea for the perfect detox of your skin.

Pomegranate to maintain your skin’s health with superfoods.

Facial oils for longer moisturisation as oils seep into the skin to keep it soft and supple.

Hyaluronic Acid is your best friend in the winter. It's a humectant that helps to keep water from evaporating from the skin.

Ceramides to restore your skin’s barrier and soothe any irritation and redness



Ilana and its values! 

Ilana has its own ways of taking care of your skin and the earth. Their values are undeniably the most thoughtful. The four characteristics of Ilana are:


Cruelty- free products.

In no way they test on animals to curate their products. 


Ethical Innovation.

The industry of skincare and makeup demand innovation but Ilana ensures that there are no illegal ways of conducting the same. 


Kind to the planet. 

Kindness is the essence of Ilana, where they support every movement and initiative that helps earth stay the way it is supposed to. 


Absolute Transparent. 

As we mentioned in the beginning, being transparent about your products is a big thumbs up for mindful buyers. Ilana understands the importance of transparency and thus keeps an honest relationship with its customers. 


If you are looking for the perfect skincare products this winter, checkout Ilana's products made from organic approved ingredients.

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