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By now, if you’re not slowly descending into madness and reposting surreal quotes on Instagram while unwashed dishes pile up in the sink, then it's likely you have found a semblance of a pace, gotten into the flow of being home and alone or around your lockdown companions all the time, cooking, cleaning and and working. After the initial weeks of speculation about how this ends and when we have become more skilled at living a little more of one day at a time. 

We think our closest relationships last forever, often without any support. There are those special friends whom we speak to every couple of years or the cousins we meet only at family weddings. Or even the sister or brother, who is abroad and far away; there’s affection, of course, and we think we communicate on account of the occasional chats and shared laughs. The thing is though, the feeling of connection to the family (whether by ties of blood or shared experience) is something that can always be injected with new life that takes it to the next level. 

If you’re home with family, then some of the people to connect with are right there in front of you. Maybe make time to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with someone. It's funny how hard it is to break the barriers of daily habits and speak of different things with the people we are around every day. This takes a special effort. Maybe fix a time for a hangout so work calls and housework can’t intrude; perhaps find a corner in a favorite room, make a drink for the both of you. Have something to open the conversation with, so it doesn’t become yet another chat about work calls, housework or coronavirus. Some easy ways to  start are with laughter and sharing something funny. This sets the tone of the conversation. Once you have an opening go deeper -- acknowledge someone for what they do for you, or share something that is important to you, or ask an interesting question. 

When we think of family and friends-like-family in far away parts of the world, usually its a quick text. Something happens in our day and we think of that one person/group who would really get it and we send them a quick media bullet for a couple of laughs and a few minutes of connection. But one seldom finds the time for a long chat to really catch up, what with coordinating around work schedules, time zones, mealtimes, kids… the more mundane but necessary aspects generally seem to get in the way. 

In these strange and uncertain times, as we realize the power of human connection it is time to be courageous in our relationships. There has never been a better time to reach out and strengthen a human connection. So this evening, after shutting off the laptop before WFM takes over home, perhaps you can take a short break before dishes and dinner. Stare out into the distance and think of somebody who matters a great deal to you. This could be a sister or a brother or an old school/college bumchum. Maybe instead of just a quick text, fix a time to chat. And then call and catch up, really catch up. Find out how life has been, what they’re working on, what happened to the dreams and aspirations. Share from your own life so they know where you are. And through this small act of listening and sharing, give the gift of deep connection. Infuse positivity into their lives. Make them smile, make their day.


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Rashmi Kapse

Loved this article.. trawled the website after I came across this brand on Facebook. Came to the Blog section for a lark ( also because I’m a content writer) and was impressed by how beautifully heartfelt this article was.. just what writing is supposed to do. Thank you for the read Amit.

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