Get Set Glow!

A Round-up of our 30-Day Challenge for Healthy Glowing Skin.

To keep up with our highly informed and particular skincare aficionados, Team Ilana decided to carry out the latest edition of the 30-day Glow Challenge. Reaching out to a varied group of 50 participants, our aim was to create an open channel of feedback, both positive as well as negative, to ensure we grow in the right direction, satisfying as many users as possible with products that have been backed by results and not just superficial claims.

The Idea:

Having our ear to the ground to make sure we transform as many people’s skin as possible has been our number one goal since inception. Hearing from the users of our products first-hand in a comprehensive manner that went beyond a one-line product review was imperative for us as a brand. Hence, we decided to conduct the Glow Challenge, a 28-day commitment to using any one Ilana product that we suggested to participants based on their age, skin type, concern, etc. The first 50 people to sign up as participants were selected and sent our products free of cost to use as directed to avail maximum benefits.

The Glow Calendar:

Each participant was sent a Glow Calendar to keep track of application of the products twice daily, in the am as well as the pm. Holding yourself accountable plays a crucial role in improving your skin and prevents lethargy and complacency from creeping into your skincare routine. Checking off a small box after each use of the product is not only highly satisfactory but also serves as a reminder to carry out our self-care even in our hectic daily lives.

 Glow Challenge Calendar

The Glow Challenge Feedback Card:

Along with the product and the Glow Calendar, each participant was sent a feedback card that had fields to record weekly progress. Every participant actively recorded the change they saw and felt in their skin with diligent use of the product that we had specifically selected to suit the 

needs of the user. While we make every effort to ensure that our product line in its entirety delivers results almost immediately, it’s always gratifying to hear validation from our consumers.

Feedback Card

The Results:

At the end of Week 1 itself, almost 90%of the participants of the challenge noticed some positive change in the texture and glow on their face. One participant, Jane Dimple, had been sent the Mighty Mulberry Serum and reported having a “healthy glow” in the first few days itself. Another user, Smita Sarkar, particularly enjoyed using the Good Skin Serum formulated with Phyto Probiotics and Niacinamide. Having combination-oily skin, and being especially acne prone, this was the serum chosen to tackle her skin issues. The serum helped subside most of the active acne that she had on her skin and left it smoother and much less oily. It not only reduced blemishes and acne scars, but also contributed to an excellent skincare experience by being luxurious and quick absorbing at the same time. Even though another user was sceptical because of the extremely light weight consistency of the Mighty Mulberry Serum, her dry and dehydrated skin got accustomed to it in the first week itself. The added hydration boost provided by the Hyaluronic acid in the serum, made her skin feel plumper and juicier.

Smita Sarkar Feedback Card

Smita Sarkar's feedback card during the Glow Challenge using the Good Skin Serum.

Week 2 signified a marked improvement recounted by the majority of the customers. With regular use of the prescribed product, the skin looked healthy and even. By lowering the appearance of pigmentation, Jane’s skin was noticeably clearer. With daily use of the Good Skin Serum, Smita’s skin felt more nourished and hydrated. Without there being any new pimples surfacing, the pre-existing pimples also got the treatment they needed and seemed to die down. Another felt that although she was struggling with acne caused by wearing a mask for long periods of time, the Mighty Mulberry serum did not aggravate or irritate her skin further in any way. Formulated with Aloe Vera and White Mulberry, it helped to soothe the skin and prevent further breakouts.

Smita Sarkar Glow Challenge

Smita Sarkar after the Glow Challenge using the Good Skin Serum.

Week 3 was a real turning point in everyone’s skincare journey during the Glow Challenge. With regular use of the Mighty Mulberry Serum that was rich in oxidants and Vitamin C derivatives, Jane reported that her skin was glowing more than ever before and was even toned and clear. Acne marks and scars were slowly fading and getting lighter. Being effective on both chronic acne as well as mask-ne, the serum was effective in making the skin less dull as well. The Mighty Mulberry Serum and mask, the Good Skin Serum and the Pro Barrier Serum, were all effective in dealing with skin issues like breakouts and texture, while providing the skin with the nutrients it needed.

Jane Dimple Feedback Card

Jane Dimple's feedback card during the Glow Challenge using the Mighty Mulberry Serum.

The Final Week of the challenge saw majority of the users at a staggering 92% giving positive feedback. There was a marked difference in everyone’s skin with it looking clean, even and much clearer than before. With regular use, the skin barrier strengthened, and the evident transformation made users want to continue using the products after the end of the challenge as well.

Jane Dimple Mighty Mulberry Serum

Jane Dimple after the Glow Challenge using the Good Skin Serum.

Getting accurate feedback and responses was crucial in moulding our future and reiterating our ideologies of transparency and conscientiousness. While this edition of the glow challenge included 100 participants, we hope that everyone who uses our products feels an improvement in their skin as well. We’d love to hear about your experience, do share it with us in the comments below!

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