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Hair Masks Vs Conditioners_ What's The Difference And How To Use It

With a slew of new tips on how to give that extra TLC to your hair it’s really difficult to find what works for you and if these tips are actually good or not. Some might suggest oiling while some say frequent hair treatments at the salon pave the way to gorgeous hair -- everyone has a different hair care regime they follow.

But there are certain cardinal hair care rules that cannot be ignored. With masking in all forms being the trend du jour in the beauty space, hair masks have gained popularity too for all the good reasons. While you might shrug and say it’s just a fad and a conditioner does the job anyway, we’d like you to first understand the difference between the two.

What’s a hair mask?

Hair masks are treatments that are formulated with oils, butters and other hydrating ingredients. Not to be confused with your daily conditioner, a hair mask is more intense, usually thicker in consistency, and should be left on for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes or sometimes even overnight if your mane needs some extra TLC.

What’s the difference between a mask a conditioner?

While a conditioner only works on your hair from the exterior, a hair mask on the other hand penetrates deeper into your hair  that helps to heal and repair all the damage done by excessive colouring, styling or even change in climate.

How to use a hair mask?

Hair masking application is almost similar to conditioning except you use a hair mask between shampooing and conditioning. So first shampoo, then mask and last condition.

A conditioner is usually applied to the lower section of your hair but a mask is something you can apply from root to tip. And especially our ilana Conditioning Hair Mask with Mango and Argan is safe to use on scalp to treat dandruff too.  

How often should I mask?

Depending on your hair texture, it’s advised to mask at least once a week. But because our products are made of 100% organic ingredients and is super lightweight, you can indulge in hair masking twice a week for lustrous locks.  

We hope we’ve managed to convince you why you need to jump on the hair-masking team with ilana. Do feel free to reach out to us, in case you have more queries by DM-ing us on Instagram ( @ilanaOrganics)

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