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MAXIMISE YOUR TONER - Multipurpose is the new Sustainable

NOW WHAT IS A TONER IN THE FIRST PLACE —— To put it simply, toner looks like water and acts like water. But we swear it's not water. It's packed with so much more than hydrogen and oxygen. Depending on the toner, it also can contain natural acids, glycerin, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories.

Prep & Ton

THE CLARIFYING TONER by ilana organics is Packed with all the essential nutrients and it helps clear acne overtime.  Specially handcrafted for sensitive acne prone* skin to nourish, clarify and hydrate. Leaves your skin dewy and gets rid of any makeup residue.

Multipurpose is sustainableWhen it comes to multi-purpose in hair and beauty, there’s always one question. How will one product doing multiple things perform better than several products, each focusing on doing one thing really well? At ilana, we believe the opposite. Advances in formulas and us focusing attention on developing our own multi-taskers has meant that it is possible for one product to look as good on your lips as it does on your cheeks, or to nourish your skin as well as keeping hair soft. Nowadays, there needn’t be a compromise in a multi-purpose promise.

Maximise your ilana toner

There is one huge benefit of this trend that has the power to impact not just us, but the environment that surrounds us. With conscious consumerism on the rise, the days of excessive waste in the beauty market are numbered. In simple words, having 5 products in our bathroom instead of 15 is a positive move we can all take towards softening our environmental footprint.

Travel essential

There are just more than one way you can use your CLARIFYING TONER from ilana.


  • As a Base to your makeup i.e. to prep & prime your skin
  • Instant hydration - used a daily mist
  • As a makeup setting spray
  • To blend in your foundation
  • As a hydrating mist on dry ends


Clarifying Toner

 Additional PERK :

 The Light Weight Spray bottle makes it a perfect addition to your travel kit. Keep your skin dewy, nourished and healthy looking even when you are travelling.


And thats a WRAP! 






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Sylvia Eugene

Hi!! I love this toner and my
Bottle is almost over. Have you stopped manufacturing this product? Please bring it back ❤️🙌

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