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#MultiTaskingNinjas : 6 Ways To Use Ilana Serums

Our skin seems to be constantly thirsty for moisture, so when you find a good product that hydrates and lasts it’s almost like you found your match made in heaven. And since we all want soft, supple hydrated skin, it only makes sense to use the same formula on other parts of our body too.

Face serums has been on the rise as of late for all the right reasons and the formula for the miracle product seems to have been perfected by us. Once you give our ilana Serums a try, there’s no going back-- we promise. The benefits a serum gives your skin is unmatchable. So why just stick to use it on our faces, no? And considering all our products are 100% organic we’ve come up with the 6 best ways to apply our magical serums, besides just the obvious.

  1. Use a few drops in your body lotion: Regardless of the body lotion you use, a few drops of either our brightening serum or clarifying serum will make things go on more smoothly, plus it’ll up the hydration factor for your skin, renew skin cells and definitely give you a healthier glow.
  2. Apply on sunburns: If you spent too long in the sun or forget to use sunscreen (which should never happen, but of course, these things come up), hydrating the affected area will help to heal the skin sooner. Plus, we have an all organic sun shield serum that’s perfect to use before and after you head out in the sun.
  3. Use as cuticle oil: Apply some serum to your fingers to keep your manicure looking fresh and clean and also your hands super hydrated always. You know those little wrinkles on the back of your hand? Yep. Our serums will help you achieve smooth skin come what may.
  4. Try it as makeup remover:  This might sound weird. But because our products are filled with all the good stuff, the serums will help breakdown the most stubborn makeup ( yep, even waterproof mascara) and help you remove your makeup in a more gentle way. And of course post that, you can always scrub away the extra grim from your skin using our fruit infused scrub.
  5. Add it to dry, split ends: We don’t lie when we say out products are magical and multi-tasking. Whether you’re looking to tame flyaways or the ends of your hair need a little TLC, applying a wee bit serum ( a pea-sized drop) to your dry-ends will guarantee in shiney, smooth hair.
6. Use as a makeup primer:  Whether adding a pinch to your foundation or using as a simple primer instead of lotion, adding face serum and letting it absorb before applying makeup will give your face a hydrated glow, the foundation to any good look. Trust us, you won’t even need a highlighter.





I was wondering if you are certified as organic. If so putting it up on the website would be beneficial for you and for me, I guess! Love the site, your or rather our mission, but haven’t used any of the products so far!

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