BEET TINT - a key for glamorous flushed cheeks.

"As a kid, I used to rub a slice of cooked beetroot on my cheeks and lips to get those pink lips and rougey cheeks, because back then we weren't allowed to use makeup." says co-founder Nikita Deshpande. 

Glamorous Flushed Cheeks

A playfully vibrant lip and cheek stain made with the goodness of luscious beets and nothing else. The beautifully sheer texture makes it easy to blend and glides on smoothly with a single swipe. You’re bound to look like an absolute star, whether at work or at that dinner with your girlfriends. What’s better than a BEETROOT beauty on your face?

With the BEET TINT, less is definitely more! Simply apply a few dots of color onto your cheeks or lips and quickly blend in the liquid with your fingers. Keep in mind that stains tend to stick, so the key to getting the color you want is both blending quickly and building up color slowly.

What people think -

"I love it. I use it pretty much every day for a natural-looking lip and cheek. I love it when makeup like blush looks natural which is one of the reasons I love this as a cheek stain. Sometimes blush can look like it’s too much. This never does. I usually apply this with the brush applicator and then blend out with my fingers"

- Moksha

"The old lip and cheek tint from ilanaorganics; I used it like hell and finished it sorry to say but the formulation is way better than benetint. Plus its all clean ingredients out of which beetroot is my favorite. It stays all day without drying my cheeks."

- Suppriya - a_good_skin


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Will the cheek tint be visible on dusky to dark skin?

sushmita shetty March 30, 2020

I want this product

Pratyusha February 21, 2020

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