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The Subtle Art Of Skincare: SKINIMALISM

Skinimalism is the latest beauty trend taking the beauty community by storm. People are talking about it all over social media and its amazing benefits.

But what exactly is Skinimalism? It is a trend that essentially focuses on loving and nurturing our natural skin despite imperfections rather than covering it with layers of makeup.

According to this trend, less is more, it takes a minimal approach by letting the skin breathe, by using skincare products that are made with good organic ingredients that actually benefit the skin so you don’t feel the need to cover up with heavy makeup.

It also promotes sustainability as it encourages people to buy fewer products and use the same products in multiple different ways.

The whole concept of this is to create a skincare routine that suits your skin the best and is packed with good ingredients which are easy to use, low maintenance and high performance.

Follow these simple steps with Ilana and ace this trend in 2022!

STEP 1: Scrub Away

Start your Skinimalism routine with a chemical and physical exfoliator that removes the dead flaky skin and reveals baby soft skin.

Use the Get The Glow scrub by llana™, Made with Phyto AHA~BHAs (from Sugarcane and Willowbark Extracts) and Acai Fruit Enzyme. This scrub can be used on all skin types due to its extremely gentle nature.

Scrub your face two to three times a week to avoid over-exfoliation depending on your skin type. This is the first step to achieving glowing healthy skin.

Get the Glow Scrub AHA BHA

STEP 2: Mask On!

The second essential step to maintain fresh skin is to use a mask once a week to revive the skin from the week's dirt and impurities that have clogged the pores. Using a mask helps to firm the skin and sucks up all the excess oil and sebum.

The Mighty Mulberry Mask from Ilana™ is packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Squalane and Vitamin C. This mask is packed with rich feel-good ingredients such as Mulberries, lemon and Orange that help the skin reduce pigmentation and puffiness, instantly brighten the skin and leave the skin feeling soft and supple.

STEP 3: Time for Toner

Follow up the routine with a toner that balances out the PH level of your skin. The benefits of using a toner are that it shrinks pores, adds a layer of protection by removing excess oil and traces of dirt and grime.

If you are looking into adding this step into your skinimalism routine try out the Essence of Watermelon toner by Ilana™. It is rich in Gotu Kola, Hibiscus & Hyaluronic Acid which boosts the secretion of collagen, regenerates the dead skin cells and gives instant hydration to the skin.

STEP 4: Glow with Serum

As a next step add a lightweight serum to your routine. A serum has many healthy effects on your skin and you can choose from a wide range depending on your skin type and your skin needs.

A serum helps the skin in smoothing the surface by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also helps in retaining moisture as it deeply penetrates the skin.

If you are a beginner, you should definitely try out the Ilana ™ Clarifying Skin Serum that is rich in Argon oil and Tea Tree oil. The combination of these two helps moisturize, disinfect and cure the most stubborn acne while hydrating and deeply replenishing the skin. This Serum is non-toxic, paraben-free and made with naturally organic ingredients.

STEP 5: Boost of Hydration

The final stage to achieve the perfect skinimalistic look is to use a good hydrating moisturizer that is packed with rich organic ingredients. Using a moisturizer is the most important step of any skin routine. It reduces the chances of skin problems, helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne scars and it also helps the skin prevent wrinkles.

Use the All Time Moisturizer by Ilana™ which is packed with green tea and hyaluronic acid which helps to smooth the skin, giving the skin a glowing and dewy appearance. It also has the goodness of pomegranate and aloe vera which also helps in instant hydration.

After the life of Instagram filters and unnatural cakey skin, people are now finally accepting the raw natural beauty and are embracing the unfiltered look. The secret to Skinimalism is understanding and studying your skin and using limited products that work for your skin and are made with simple organic ingredients. Try this routine and watch yourself relying more on your natural skin rather than covering up with layers of makeup. 

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