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Flying cars running on solar energy, dense verdant urban environments, idyllic rural expanses, happy human beings going about their fabulously well-balanced technological enhanced lives.

It's the 21st Century and predictions from a hundred years ago had placed us by now in a utopian existence with the human race right on track for our evolutionary journey towards a world of peace, equality, freedom and happiness.

But instead, we seem to live from one crisis to the next, and what was to be resolved is clearly here with a vengeance: rapid environmental degradation, rising sea levels, disenfranchised people and terrorism, hunger, poverty, corruption and crime, the terrible status of women...the list is endless.

Sometimes it feels like the world is long overdue for a hard reset!

In the midst of all this, what can a skincare company do? After all, we make products for your skin (not world-changing) and we can just sell them, right?

Well, we want more! And we want you to have more. We think there is space to make a difference in this chaotic world and it's in the little things; the small daily acts and intentions.

So this is how we came to our weird and unattainable vision: Kindness as a way of life.

(I mean who needs quests you can actually accomplish in your lifetime? Sometimes it's just old women planting trees in whose shade they'll never sit.)

The world needs kindness more than ever today. Kindness towards the earth, to people, to animals, to ourselves. It is time to stop promoting impossible and unrealistic visions of beauty; time to stop scaring people into buying things to avert ugliness or to erase the well-earned lines of age and wisdom. It's time to be kind, and we're there!

As a skincare company, it is critical for us that people feel nurtured when they use our products; that they feel safe, healthy and content. Ilana’s vision is about empowering people to discover their authentic self. We celebrate you and the world in all its imperfect glory.

Kindness as a way of life

We know how it sounds... You look at it and go, what were they thinking?...What does this have to do with skincare? Well here goes...

There’s always a market for stuff. People need stuff and we make stuff. (and psst...the stuff we make is absolutely delicious!) But what most businesses don't do is give back as much or more to the support structures of their business. We mean: the people like farmers, vendors, transporters, formulators, lab technicians, factory workers, managers, their families...; the resources like raw materials, fuel, land, electricity, materials; the endless list of all that helps us to be us, doing what we do-- creating meticulously researched products with ethically sourced ingredients, especially for you. At Ilana we are committed to giving back even as we take; leaving things in better shape than we found them; having our communities prosper even as we prosper. To know more about our efforts: Click here

Kindness as a way of life has got to be guiding every action we take, including how we run the smallest aspects of our business. Not just in our customer service but in how we treat our team and our vendors, our approach to product development and innovation, our social media and our operations. Eventually it is the core philosophy of our organization and its this we return to: When in doubt, be kind.

kindness as a way of life,
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