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Limitless beauty; Limitless you.

Breakthrough Beauty

Most times we think of skincare as good for us and an investment in our evergreen youthfulness but makeup of something as a necessary evil. Sure, we love it for making us look good; improving on what we were born with or perhaps to feel confident and sometimes even crave for it because we hate how plain we feel without it. Often there’s just a tiny bit of sadness when we wipe off the glamour as we get ready for bed. 

Somewhere you feel like a “bad girl” that deep inside you are conflicted about. Otherwise why would the no-make-up look be so sought after? Why would we praise people with natural beauty? Why is a deep red lipstick so daring? 

Here at Ilana, we want to change this. Forever.

We want makeup to be the fun part of your life - a wholesome gift you give yourself of laughter and joy…. the same joy you felt at getting your hands on your mum’s favourite lipstick when you were 5…what did that feel like? Pure unadulterated mischievous joy?

As a beauty and skincare company, we are always faced with difficult choices and questions -- maintaining the high quality of our products means having to balance so many factors. But here at Ilana, we took on a few more; our core commitments to ethical innovation mean being uncompromising about sourcing the best ingredients for your skin as well as the planet, being transparent about our processes and our ingredient list and never putting out products that feed on people’s fears. In fact, we’re all about breaking every disempowering stereotype about beauty there is to find. We want makeup to be a joyful experience. 

We started with making result driven skincare formulations, and now our Breakthrough Beauty is all about redefining makeup as we know it. Makeup that not just makes you feel and look great but is actually working to nourish your skin. 

Our breakthrough formulations are ethically innovated with skincare superfoods to give you the best possible combination of benefits. 

We care about the bigger picture whilst caring for your skin and this third rock from the sun we call home. A lot goes behind building a formulation and a lot more behind making it good for you while being kind on the planet. It is important to us that you know why these ingredients are termed ‘nasties’ and why we would never use them in our formulations. 

Our ingredient checklist: Good for the planet, good for you, sustainable, skincare infused goodness, result driven and cruelty-free. Staying abreast of the latest research makes sure that we aren’t carried away by trends, myths and superstitions. 


Makeup doesn't have to be something you use to cover your flaws with. When you’re wearing Ilana feel confident to face the entire world. It’s time that we live life free and empowered, using beauty that lets us discover our new authentic selves.  


Limitless beauty; Limitless you. 

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