How far an ingredient travels just to be in our bottle, is something we take very seriously while deciding what goes in and out of our bottles. Local sourcing not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also helps enhance the efficacy of the product. India has a rich biodiversity which when sourced responsibly can be used to its maximum potential. Sustainability is a lot more than just using naturally derived ingredients, in fact it's about sourcing those ingredients responsibly, and replacing them with safe lab derived alternatives wherever the natural alternatives aren't the kindest on our planet. Innovation and staying relevant to the current times should always come with a responsibility of being ethical and true to ourselves. It's again about whether you're first being kind to yourself or to the other factors around you. It's for us to choose. Being innovative has no end in itself, and that's where we like to balance it with a stronger ethical hold.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, so how is it that we never look into what we are putting on it? If we had to breakdown ilana in two simple words it will definitely be: superfoods + science

Our skin superfoods are nature inspired formulas that are backed by science and guided by ethics.

The bad rep makeup had really bothered us. Why is it that something we use on our skin for so many hours everyday could not be better for us? So we decided to redefine the makeup we always knew. We added superfood skincare benefits to our makeup products so you could get the best of both worlds!

We use a blend of locally available ingredients (that are good for you and sustainable to use) and pair them up with some sciency ingredients and a whole lot of research to give you skincare that works! Our ingredient checklist: Good for the planet, good for you, sustainable, superfood goodness, result driven and cruelty free. And what’s out? A big no-no to parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones.

We care about the bigger picture whilst caring for your skin and the place we dearly call home. A lot goes behind building a formulation and a lot more behind making it good for you while being kind on the planet. It is important for you to know why these ingredients are something that are termed as ""Nasties"" and why we would never use them in our formulations.

Ilana is committed to bringing you guilt free, ethically innovative skincare and beauty products that exceed your expectations, always. We balance the fine line between personal care that is good for you and good for our planet. It is critical for us that people feel nurtured when they use our products; that they feel safe, healthy and content. We wish to empower people to discover their authentic self. We celebrate you and the world in all its imperfect glory.

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We are committed to making responsibly formulated, revolutionary personal care that harnesses the power of nature with the science of skincare.
What's good for you is also good for the planet!