Amit Patil

Amit Patil, Co-Founder of ilana Organics started his journey with the brand as a 20 year old still in college. What started with just a helping hand for ilana in the first year, to starting a company with Nikita which today is recognised as one of the best skincare brands in the country has been a exciting journey.
Amit is the backbone of ilana today with his strong beliefs and commitment as well as his expertise he brings in with Management skills and Logistics operations.

We at ilana believe strongly in customer experience and we are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers to provide the best possible service says Amit.
He believes ilana is not just a consumer brand, instead a much needed change which was awaiting the skincare market
In terms of providing high quality and performance products with a sustainable impact towards the environment.

Amit still remembers the very first day ilana officially launched its website, it was just me and Nikita the all round employees of ilana at the time, waiting for our very first order to the day when thousands of orders are being shipped every month, by an office which is backed by a strong, All Women Team. He still is the only male employee ilana has and is proud to be a part of women empowering company.


Nikita Deshpande

Nikita Deshpande, co-founder of Ilana Organics, was introduced to the organic space during her college years. Blown away by healthy alternatives she understood that simply talking about the benefits of going organic won’t cut it. Cue: Creation of what we know today as Ilana Organics! Started in 2018 this millennial concoction has grown in leaps and bounds. Our team works out of offices in Pune while we outsource our skills from young talents all across India and deliver countrywide.

This 21 year old had tried it all when it comes to design - fashion, interiors and products - and appreciates the flexibility of design. “I think studying design ultimately ends up allowing your brain to bend its perspective in ways you never thought it could,” she said.

From the brand story, the strategy and the design to the formulation of the products themselves, this feisty woman spearheaded the entire process  from scratch. “Ilana is all about making a shift in lifestyle, from chemical dependency to sustainability. We believe that consumers aren’t statistics to be exploited for profit, but equal stakeholders in the production process, and this is what makes us ethical.”

The brand offers 100 percent natural, unadulterated products which have quickly made a mark on the market, owing to their authenticity and extraordinary results. Even the packaging is bio degradable. "Systems design has been the core of this whole project" shares Nikita adding, “ Its basically multitude of systems co-existing that builds the essence of the brand. As a design student I’ve learned to structure varying roles in such a way that I've been able to pull off the whole venture as seamlessly as possible.” 

“We need more sustainable solutions in our lives, and I fully intent to see my initiative through” she concludes.