We thought a long time about this. It's one of our core principles. At its simplest, this is what we mean by ‘transparent’ : What's on the label is what's in the bottle.  After years of navigating ingredient lists that leave out the murky details, now you can rest easy, assured that your skin is in trustworthy hands. With Ilana you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. 

But being transparent is more than that; it's a philosophy about being open about our processes and methods; our sourcing and our development, about understanding and responding to your concerns. Ilana is about you feeling healthy and safe using our products and being clear about how your skincare is made.



We are meticulous about choosing our ingredients, where and how far they come from and how they’re extracted and refined.  
We think about the load on the environment. 
Sometimes, it means replacing a natural ingredient (which has a large carbon footprint in extraction or uses bonded labour) with a Certified safe lab-made alternative. 
We want women and men to be secure and happy in their best skin, not to be chasing some crazy unattainable illusion that the media sells us. We want you to feel healthy and rejuvenated, not concerned about doing more or buying more out of fear. Our multipurpose products are curated to take care of several of your needs at once.

We care about how our organisation works -- that people are happy in our employment and excited by the larger collective philosophy behind our ventures.


We are committed that our products are safe for all our stakeholders - you and your skin, the people involved in growing, procuring and refining ingredients, the people making our careful formulations, and finally, the round planet that we can’t get off, and that provides everything we need and responds well to being treated better.

At Ilana, our research of ingredients is thorough and we examine each from several angles to best understand its use and safety. Nothing gets into our formulations unless it passes all our tests. 



This is a mouthful but we find it hard to look at any of these concepts by themselves.
Ilana was born out of a real need for skincare that we truly wanted but either couldn’t find or couldn’t afford --- safe, organic, ethical, transparent, cruelty-free, not tested on animals, and environmentally sustainable and...and ... But the more research we did the more we realised that there can never be one single right answer. For instance the concept of ‘chemical-free’ products is somewhat absurd when you consider that all materials are chemicals, whether organic or lab-made. Every so often the lab-based product has a lower environmental impact because it doesn’t disrupt ecosystems through invasive extraction processes. 
In order to deal with the complexity of producing skincare, within the constraints we willingly placed on ourselves, we make conscious choices and use research and evidence to guide us rather than popular opinion.