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Our Practices

Limitless beauty; Limitless you. A quick peek at what we stand for.

Breakthrough Beauty

For far too long makeup is treated like this evil, bad thing that you don’t need in your routine; something that's going to worsen your skin problems.

Here at Ilana, we want to change this. Forever. Why cant you get both the pop of color of makeup and the nourishment of skincare?

As a beauty and skincare company, we are always faced with difficult choices and questions -- maintaining the high quality and performance of our products means having to balance so many factors. But here at Ilana, we took on a few more; our core commitments to CLEAN BEAUTY (not just clean, ilana clean) mean being uncompromising about sourcing the safest ingredients for your skin as well as the planet, being transparent at every step and never paving way for green washing.

Breakthrough Beauty at ilana is all about making performance driven skincare along with makeup that has the benefits of real skincare ingredients. Our breakthrough formulations are ethically innovated with skincare superfoods to give you the best possible combination of benefits.


Makeup doesn't have to be something you use to cover your flaws with. When you’re wearing Ilana feel confident to face the entire world. It’s time that we live life guilt free and empowered, using beauty that is safe and that lets us discover our new authentic selves.


Limitless beauty; Limitless you. 

Skincare Simplified

Navigating the world of skincare can be a daunting task if you're not familiar with the ever changing trending ingredients, beauty trends and all the jargon that is constantly being thrown at us. Here, at Ilana, we are focussed on creating skincare and beauty products that do more, that deliver on performance. We cut through all the noise and do all the hard work so you don't have to. We try to create multipurpose products so they're lighter on your pocket and also on the planet while being extremely effective in their results.

Be Kind

We think there is space to make a difference in this chaotic world and it's in the little things; the small daily acts and intentions. The world needs kindness more than ever today. Kindness towards the earth, to people, to animals, to ourselves. It is time to stop promoting impossible and unrealistic visions of beauty. As a skincare company, it is critical for us that you feel taken care of when you use our products; safe, healthy and content. We know that the little steps we take individually will bear their fruit collectively. It’s never too late to start caring.

The More You Ask The More You Know

What is clean? What is natural? Is organic really better for you than an identical lab derived alternative? Does natural always mean that it is good for you and the planet? Are brands telling you the facts or telling you what you want to hear? So many questions and close to no answers.

The idea of Ilana began as a result of our questions sometimes falling on deaf ears and at other times the shock of learning the truth. Needless to say, we want to be able to answer all your questions. For this reason, we question our labs, our formulators, our ingredient suppliers and even ourselves repeatedly to make sure we're on the right track to ethical innovation. We want you to feel nurtured and well-informed whenever you decide to use any of our products.

We Like Everything Crystal Clear

"When you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside! Our skin is our body’s largest organ and how is it that we never look into what we are putting on it? This was one of the main concerns that haunted Nikita before Ilana was born. She knew that this was one thing she would never compromise on, as a brand owner and a customer. You get only the truth about what goes into the product, AND NOTHING ELSE. It doesn't just stop at being transparent about the ingredients and being honest about the order in which they appear in the list. Being kind to the Earth by verifying the source of it, being kind to others by ensuring it is grown/harvested/sourced ethically, being kind to animals by ensuring all our products are cruelty free and being kind to your skin by making sure they're in just the right amounts in the best possible formula is what helps us sleep soundly at night.

Not just Clean, Ilana Clean

Whilst looking into the future, our goals include, always being an integral part of your skincare regime, and considering our impact on the planet, which is our home.

In this journey, we strive to never shift focus from the little things, like building a formulation.

The ambiguos rep around CLEAN BEAUTY pushed us to being transperant and setting real formulation standards that guide us as well as the consumer.

We want to bring to you the real research and the real truth behind the controvertial industry ingredients (along with proof) so as to avoid greenwashing as a whole. As a company we are constantly trying to question things at a macro level, studying the impact on the planet as well as humans. We want to encourage the consumer to ask more questions, be aware and make a conscious choice.



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